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Memorable Banff Pictures - Set in a beautiful Canadian Rockies, with snow-capped mountain reflected in emerald lake.

Banff is the most photogenic Canadian national park. Spectacular Banff photos allow fleeting moments to last forever.

Thing is certain, given the areas phenomenal natural setting it's very difficult to take a poor photo from any point, Banff is undeniably a photographer’s paradise

Moraine lake - one of my favorite Banff photos

How sweet to have those unforgettable vacation memories captured forever in Banff and Lake Louise photos.

Looking back on our Banff photo albums, there were so many special moments that we would like to go back just to live in that moment again and again!

Our Special Memories in Banff Picture

One of our favorite memories is when we brought kids to skate and toboggan at Spray Meadows Hill and Ice Rink - behind of Banff Springs Hotel.

The ice skating rink and toboggan hill are next to each other, you can do either alternatively and won’t feel bored.

When I do not feel do anything, just grab a hot chocolate from the pub - downstairs of restaurant Waldhaus nearby and sit by the fire pit next to the ice ring and watch my son toboggan and my daughter skating at the same time, the heat wave from the fire make me cozy.

Marshall was reading by the fire from toboggan break

At the end, we hiked up to Banff Springs hotel by stairs, wondered around in the hotel, and stopped in my favorite Gemstone & Fossil gallery shop where I enjoy to browse my best favorite Canadian Ammolite.

A lot of details in the hotel, if you have the time to look. It's spectacular.

Finally, we went to the Rundle Lounge in the hotel for meal. The view from the rear desk or lounge are best. Of course, we did not miss using camera.

My favorite shot from rear deck of Banff Spring Hotel

What I eat in the lounge?

Normally, I am not interested in eating burgers at any place.

Earlier, every time we came, my husband always order their Steak Burger, and I was laughing at him: “You come long way here just for the burger?! You can get it any place back home.”

He told me its taste is very different from any other restaurant he has been. I did not believe until I tried one day.

Since then, I order the burger almost every time we come here.

The window view of restaurant in Banff Spring Hotel

What is your special magic moment in Banff captured through Banff photo?

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