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Looking for Cheap Flights to Calgary?

Visitors, who travel to Banff, take flights to Calgary first, and then either rent a car to drive to Banff or take shuttle buses (Rocky Mountain Sky Shuttle or Banff Airporter) to Banff.

Calgary airport is the gateway to Banff. Some of visitors might stay in Calgary for couple days to experience the spirit of the new west.

There are lots major airlines can bring you to Calgary: Air Canada, West Jet, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, American airlines, United Airlines.

Many other airlines fly from Europe to Calgary as well.

Banff National Park attracts over four million visitors each year. The city of Calgary - the capital of oil and gas industries also draws lots travelers for business.

Can you imagine how many people take airplanes to Calgary each day?

Therefore, it is not easy to find a cheap flight to Calgary in short period time. You need to plan in advance. Here are some tips for your reference:

  • Be early bird - Book your ticket in advance as early as possible, you’ll be able to get a better price for a flight to Calgary.

  • Travel package - You will have better chance to get good airfares if you book your flight with packages including accommodation, and/or car rentals.

  • Shop around - Take time to surf the internet and find out prices of flights to Calgary at travel websites, also call your local travel agents (as many as possible) for quotes as well. I found myself in Calgary while I call different travel agents for pricing and the results of pricing could be big different. At the end, you know the best price you can get.

  • Online ticket auction - There are some airline ticket online auction site such as skyauction.com, others which you can search them over internet. You put in a bid on a flight to Calgary, sometimes, the bid starts at $1. If you win the bid, you win a nice cheap flight which could potentially save you hundreds dollars.

  • Travel outside of high season – It is easier to get cheap airfare to Calgary if you are not traveling to Banff in high season. Check the best time to travel to Banff for your reference.
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