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Lake Louise Map

The following Lake Louise Map will help you to get around this area. You will have idea what Lake Louise have to offer you.

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You can click at each blue placemark or blue road line on the map of Lake Louise above to display the information of the following:

  • Samson Mall - The center of Lake Louise Village. You will find an excellent selection of stores, restaurant and services here.

Lake Louise Ski Resort

  • Lake Louise Ski Area & Mountain Resort – The 139 marked ski runs and back bowls on four mountain faces are 25% beginner, 45% intermediate and 30% advanced.[2] The 'Terrain Park' is also designed for riders of all levels. Four full service day lodges are operational during winter. Snowboarders have access to all trails and the terrain park.

Chateau Lake Louise

  • Various choices of Lake Louise Hotels - Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Deer Lodge, Paradise Lodge & Bungalow, Post Hotel, Lake Louise Inn, Moraine Lake Lodge.

Moraine Lake

  • Moraine Lake – Moraine Lake is peaceful and pleasant even though it is a popular destination. Along the western shore of the lake is Moraine Lakeshore Trail which gives you a chance to soak up the serenity of the area. Surrounded by the imposing Valley of the Ten Peaks, Moraine Lake is dramatic indeed. While you hike along the trail, you will notice that the lake’s color appears to change with each new view – from turquoise, to teal blue, to emerald green. The best views are at start of the trail, but for spectacular view of Moraine Lake at the end of the hike head 5 minutes up to the Moraine Lake Viewpoint.
  • Plains Six Glaciers Teahouse - Hike from Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise along Lake Louise Shoreline to the western end of the lake, then climbs through forests of spruce, pine and larch. You will step to an open area with a harsh glacier and avalanche-scoured terrain. Before climbing into a lush meadow, here you might want to stop at Plains Six Glacier Teahouse, take a break, and enjoy a freshly baked muffin, cookie or a sandwich with one of their tee scones backed in a wood-burning oven. enjoy the fantastic view, take beautiful pictures. You can continue another 1.6 km to the top of the trail at the summit of a small moraine. The views of Plains Six Glaciers here absolutely will astound you.
  • Lake Agnes Teahouse – Lake Louise Map shows the teahouse locates on the shore of Lake Agnes which is hidden in a hanging valley high above Lake Louise. In addition to its own charms, the two Beehives provide breathtaking views of Lake Louise and a broad stretch of the Bow Valley. It serves freshly backed scones and tea, a well as cookies and sandwiches throughout summer. From the teahouse, take the trail to the north shore of the lake connect with the Big Beehive, one of the best viewpoints in Banff National Park.
  • Paradise Valley – Paradise Valley & Giant Steps - 10.3 km or 10.9 km one way, elevation gain 385 m, 7 to 8 hour round trip.
  • Timberline Tours– Timberline Tours offers relaxing and enjoyable horseback riding in some of the most breathtaking scenery this world can offer.

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› Lake Louise Map