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Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House - Perfect for Lake Louise Photos

Looking back on our Lake Louise photos and Banff pictures albums, one of my favorite Photos and memories is Plain of Six Glacier Tea House.

The Tea House is 5 km from Chateau Lake Louise, and 365 meter’s elevation. Comparing another Lake Louise tea house - Lake Anges Tea House,  the trail to this tea house is easier.

But capturing these memories and views still takes a "bit" more work than snapping a shot at Lake Louise.

The trail starting from Chateau Lake Louise to the Tea House offers incredible views and opportunities to spot wildlife. Believe me, it is worth the effort!

Remember when we brought our two kids hike up to Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House.  The first half way is not particularly difficult hike. Watching rocky climbing, chipmunks jumping, and goats wandering enriched our hiking experience.

Watching Rocking Climbing on the way to Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House

Play with the chipmunk on the way to Lake Louise of Plain Six Glaciers Tea House.

You would easily see chipmunks on the trial.

The second half way is getting tougher, especially a set of switchbacks near the ascent to the Tea House that are significantly steeper.

It is not easy hiking trail for my 7 years old daughter. She kept asking “Are we there yet? How many minutes to there?” on the way there. Returning people kept telling her`You are almost there!"

The motivation to keep them going is the famous yummy home make desert in the destination - Tea House

Hiking on the way to Lake Louise Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House

Taking a break and have a photo shot

Watching the horse riding group passing by

If you do not want to hike, horse riding is another option.

The looking back bird’s eye view of Lake Louise and Chateau is stunning when you hike up.


Open area with some benches just before reaching the Tea House.

Finally we reach the destination. Now we are waiting for yummy apple pie and chocolate cake.

Remember to bring cash as the Tea House does not accept credit card or debt card.

Both of them really enjoy and satisfy their desert. Marshall did not like the lemonade - too much water.

On the way back, we luckily saw a family of goats.

shhhh.... Be quite! Don't scare the goats away!

If you love outdoors, you will enjoy Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House hiking trail for sure. Don`t miss it!

What is your special magic moment in Banff captured through Banff photo?

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› Lake Louise Photos - Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House