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Skiing in Lake Louise Ski Resort
- Life Time Experience

About Lake Louise Ski Mountain Resort

This Lake Louise Ski Resort has 4200 skiable acres of terrain and 139 named runs on four mountain faces, high variety of runs (steep bowls, chutes, wide open groomers, tree runs, bumps).  

It is the largest ski resort in Canada, and one of the largest ski resorts in North America. It covers 25%  beginner runs, 16% intermediate runs, and 29% advanced runs, 30% expert runs.

Click here to view Trail Map of Lake Louise Ski Resort.

It locates at 59 km northwest of Banff Townsite – normally 45 minutes driving time.

Why Skiing and Snowboarding in Lake Louise Ski Resort?

The following reasons are why our family loves to ski in Lake Louise Ski Resort:

1. One of advantage for us to ski here is that our family with different ski levels is always able to ski together the whole day– lift up together and ride on different path and meet down to the same lift area. We are more advanced than our two kids who are strictly on green (beginner) runs, so we can easily take turns to ski down with kids. Because the unique layout of this resort have beginners (green), immediate (blue), advanced (black & diamond) runs down from every lift chair. Except for the Summit Palma lift which is for experts only.

2. We love the high varieties of runs, we rarely skied the same runs twice unless we wanted to in a whole day. Our kids were so excited to explore every different terrain.

3. We love the scenery here better than Sunshine. No wander this resort was described “most scenic resort” in Skiing magazine. The view from every ski run is amazing, looks like a postcard picture, hard to describe in words. All we can say is: “just come, experience atmosphere and see the views by yourself”.

4. Comparing with Sunshine where you must take a gondola from Parking lot to ski area, here, the ski lifts are very close to the parking lot. The advantages of this for us are:

  • It allows us to maximize our time on the slopes.
  • It allows us to access our car easily so that we can leave lots stuff (such as water bottle, cash, or food etc.) in the car and grab them as need during skiing. Therefore we do not need to carry a big backpack with us.
  • If I do not ski, I still can go with my family and stay in either the lobby or food court. But in Sunshine, if I want to go to ski area with my family, I have to pay the Gondola fee ($30) to go up to the ski area.

Traveling with young kids …

If you have little kids with you and you want to enjoy black & diamond runs by yourself, what will you do?

Don’t worry! Your kids can stay either in childcare (half-day or full-day), or ski school (half-day or full-day) which the ski resort provides, you are free to go and enjoy your fresh powder runs.

Both of my kids took ski lessons for full days here, and they had so much fun!

My Lake Louise Ski Experience

When I was skiing beginner 10 years ago, I started to ski on green runs at Sunshine Village couple times. I enjoyed the green runs there.

Later, I switch to green runs at Lake Louise resort for couple times. I found out Lake Louise’s green runs are more advanced than Sunshine’s. I can say it is between green runs and blue runs (more towards to blue) in Sunshine.

Was I disappointed and frustrated because of the difficult green runs? No, I was thankful to Lake Louise’s green runs which forced me to improve my skill faster than I could. It will take me longer time to switch green runs to blue runs if I did not ski in Lake Louise.

Lake Louise Mountain Resort is the place for me (possible for YOU) to transit my ski level from beginner to immediate, or from immediate to advanced when I skied between Sunshine and Lake Louise.

The tips from my experience:

  • If you come on weekends, food court here is busy and it is take long time to get food. Better to bring your lunch if you can so that you can save time for more runs. They have microwave for general use.
  • If you are beginner, the front side of ski resort is perfect for you. If you are expert, the back side of ski resort wonderful for you.
  • When it is sunny, the front side get icy later afternoon. My recommend to ski at front side in morning and ski at back side afternoon in this case.
  • If you want to know what expected when you get here, You can check their 7 webcams for current conditions, also you can find snow report here.

If you want varieties of ski experience during your ski vacation, more Banff Lake Louise ski resorts are waiting for you to explore: Sunshine Village, Mount Norquay, Nakiska. Each of them is unique.

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