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My Favorite Lake Louise Travel Memories

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Perfect Lake Louise Travel Photos - Looking back on our Lake Louise Travel photos, one of my favorite Lake Louise Photos and memories is wondering around Lake Louise and have a afternoon tea in Chateau in Summer, and skate at Lake Louise in Winter.

Lake Louise Travel Memories of Summer

In summer, we really enjoy the pristine lake with beautiful flowers decorated. Of course, I am always excited to take the pictures of Lake Louise every time we come.

The picture above was taken from the front of Chateau Lake Louise

Once in a while, we like to stay for the weekends in the Chateau, overlooking the lake and the stunning Mount Victoria and Victoria Glacier.

The picture of the Chateau Lake Louise above was taken from another side of Lake Louise where you can reach by walking along the easy Lake Louise shore line trail.

Most of time, we just come here for few hours, and walk along the lake shore, and then have meal or drink by the window of the Chateau to enjoy the beautiful famous view of the lake

Lake Louise is hiker's paradise. We also come here for long hiking trip. We love to hike up to both Lake Agnes Tea House, and  Plain of the Six Glaciers Tea House.

Lake Louise Photos & Memories of Winter

In Winter, we bring kids here to skate around Ice Queen’s castle on Lake Louise.

Ice Queen Castle surrounded by skating rink is created every winter by professional ice carvers.

Maya really enjoyed skating on Lake Louise with nature environment.

If you love to play hockey, bring your hockey gear to play on the hockey rink at Lake Louise.

The picture above was taken when we were watching Pond Hockey Tournament which is taken place in the weekend after family day every year.

Ice Magic Festival

We come here for Ice Magic Festival almost every year - the 3rd week of January.

The Ice Magic Festival has different theme each year. The following picture were taken in 2014 - the theme of 2014 is: "Freeze Olympic Fever!"

The above ice sculpture named as "The Fire of Hope" was carved by Sakha from Russia during Ice in Jan, 2014.

The picture above was taken when we were watching an international ice carving artist works to sculpt towering one-of-a-kind works of art from blocks of solid ice on the shores of Lake Louise.

Little Chippers Weekend - The fourth weekend of January  at Samson Mall of Lake Louise

Kids enjoying the activities of The Little Chippers. The picture above was taken when Marshall was learning and working hard on the ice carving.

While I love sharing my family's Banff Lake Louise Travel pictures and stories, I love hearing your banff Lake Louise Travel stores , and seeing, your magical Banff pictures, too.

What is your special magic moment in Banff captured through Banff photo?

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