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Banff Parks Canada & Cascade Garden

- One of Best Banff Attractions

Banff Parks Canada administration office

– a historic building (built in 1935-36) called Canada Place. This building was the first representation of the federal government in the national parks.

It is walking distance from Banff Downtown, just cross bow river bridge along the main street Banff Avenue.

It is a free family-friendly attraction, that offers touch-screen technology to help visitors discover Canada, including a simulated birch bark canoe ride to shoot the rapids of the Bow Falls as well as displays which highlight Canadian investors and artists.

We bring our two kids here almost every time we come, they love it. If you have children, bring them here to see.

This building is surrounded by the beautiful Cascade Garden which you MUST see during your trip in summer.

Cascade Garden

The gardens are built into the hillside, when you walk through them, you are surrounded with nice views of the Bow River, Banff Town and the mountains in the distance.

Remember to bring you camera, do not miss the incredible photo opportunities here.

If you are planning to have a wedding in Banff, Cascade Garden is one of great places for wedding ceremony.

Town of Banff view from Cascade Garden

Banff Avenue and Cascade Mountain View from the Garden

The garden is a full of bright colorful flowers (more than 50,000 flowers), bushes, trees and ponds in summer (June - September).

My two kids enjoy to wonder through bridges and walkways, play "hide and seek" in gazebos and behind big trees.

Even though the Cascade Garden is around few minutes walk way to busy Banff Avenue, it is still a very quite place out of busy session.

When you are tired, it's a great place find a bench and have a quiet conversation, read a book, have a sandwich or just sit in silence and appreciate the beauty around you.

In summertime, the Siksika Nation puts up a teepee and interpretive display about Native culture past and present.

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